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City Without Love

Tell me about the city of Lahore…….
About those houses behind the city walls
Do they have many doors and windows?
Do they stand mortar and bricks strong?

And tell me about the wells of Lahore
Do they give out water fresh & sweet?
And please think before you answer me
Are the girls of Lahore happy and gay?

Yes, I’ll tell you about the city of Lahore
Its homes have multiple doors & windows
But only the dwellings where lovers reside
Are living and rest are just mortar & bricks

And yes wells of Lahore have sweet waters
But only when the beautiful maidens fetch
And happy are those in arms of their lovers
Rests are sad as a city without love can be

From Baba Bulleh Shah


posted by S A J Shirazi @ 1:04 PM,


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