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Aitcheson College

This is the image of the building where Aitcheson College started in Lahore back in 1891. The building is still there and functional. Can you indicate where?

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Pakistan Railway Stations

Owais Mughal

Few days ago ATP asked our readers to take a guess on number of Railway Stations in Pakistan. As far as my own personal research shows, the correct number is 1009 (possibly a few more) and my compilation of the complete index of stations is given below.

Some readers did guess the correct range, but as we had expected, most underestimated the number. I might have done so myself had I not already done the research. The list of stations is interesting to view, if only because you would read so many place names that you might never have heard of. I hope it will also make us think about the wonder that was the railway system in Pakistan at one time, but is no more.

The list below includes the stations that are currently operative as well as those which are now closed. We believe this list is still not exhaustive. There was atleast one railway section which connected Bahawalpur (Baghdad station) directly to Fort Abbas. This section was uprooted in the 1940s when during the World War II British needed steel. I am definitely missing the names of stations that were located on that section. If our readers know of any station that we missed, then let us know and we’ll update our records.

Before we go the list on next section, I want to feature the photo above by Tahir Iqbal of a small and now-closed Railway Station near Gujranwala called Theri Sansi. Pakistan has got hundreds of such small railway stations. With every passing day, unfortunately more and more of them are getting closed as Railways as means of transport in Pakistan is on a continuous decline.

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