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Momo Khan ka Lahore

Momo Khan

Dipping into the night life in Lahore, one comes up with a wagging tail of delectable plus points which aghast us about the rapid change in the run-rate of advances. Holding uncontrollable desire for the oriental food, scrumptious spices and heavily cooked meals – come down to Lahore. A sprawling city with food variety galore, a city that never sleeps but eats day and night –rightly said “Lahore Lahore hay”. Lahore gives you handful of moments to be yourself and worries to take a backseat- though momentarily. Rightly said “jisny Lahore ne wakiha wo jamiya ne.”
Tickling the history hornet, Lahore is notoriously famous for its historic nature. Lahore is a cultural hub and ranks second amongst the advanced cities of Pakistan. Slew of Mughal emperors left their prints onto the minds of people - culture, traditions and tastes have been transmitted gracefully towards the next generations. People thrive on the sociability and fondness for the Arts, festivals, cuisines and theatres.

Lahore is part of our existence. Baring few, Lahore is the reason why some souls spread around their wings and link their laughers, tastes, likes, moods and interests to the Lahori lifestyle. Once I overheard a cook in Gawalmandi food street “we mix our lahori traditional style in the food we cook and people come over for it”. There is no different ingredient or technique to cook food here in Lahore, they just boost up the real taste of every cuisine for instance, “Biryani” is cooked using traditional spices, chicken chunks with colored layers of rice and served in a hot headed way. The fresh food, neat and clean environment filled with food lovers galore, sets the Lahore on fire as that’s how hunger pangs are tickled. I usually don’t over hear things but aa group of friends threw their conversation over my ears lately, “Mothers cook no less scrumptious food but it’s the food fondness, comfy & cushy ambience here in Lahore that people sneak out at night in a search of “Desi food”. I would second that thought as, my friend who is chubby and calls herself curvy (probably all fat girls call themselves curvy?) never flips a day without biting the famous “Bandu khan” Tikkas with Rogni naan and of course, diet cook, Ha!

Night life is Lahore is ironically growing over the past decade, gone are the days when Magrib prayer (7 /8 pm) time meant shutter down, life begins at night for the restless foodie souls of Lahore. Attribute of enormous fondness for food is embedded in every soul belonging to Lahore. Late night crawling on the streets and tasting wide variety being cooked in every nook and cranny are the traditions of the city. Having derived from the imperial kitchens of Mughal Empire the food is something to die for - “Nihari” “Pajey ke Paye” “Ghosht karahi”, “Lahori fried fish” and “Biryani” are the famous dishes served in the heart of Pakistan. It says eating late doubles the fat shield on your body but in Lahore it’s a different ball game as late night wakening and eating is every night routine.

Arrival of holy month of Ramadan brings along a reason to stay up till sehri time. Gawalmandi Food Street encompassing centuries-oldest building entertains its visitors till morning. Kashmiri-Persian architecture and the mix of fizz and flavor are endeared by the people of Lahore who drop by with families and group of friends. Along with Gawalmandi, Anarkali and Badshahi food streets are also the busiest. The staunch faith is enlightened into the hearts of people here, they begin to forbid the forbidden during the month of Ramadan – at least publically. Notoriously famous “heera mandi” for its business of selling love in musical style faces a decline and a shift in its gear. Far farm houses are set like a house on a fire during the night to endear the perky precocious elements of pleasure. “Nargis” and “Deedar” the dancers and performers are seen head covered and drooped down in prayers. The clubs and bars are not enough tempting and intoxicating during the holy period.

Every element of entertainment and refreshment pales in comparison in front of sheer delectable food variety in Lahore. Show goes on irrespective of the season, weather; mood and dispute with right ingredients at right time–Lahories live for food and hang out late night to celebrate the richness of being Lahori. Dynamics and equations of youth with living lifestyle have been changing at a faster run-rate. Fairly speaking, they tend to adopt westernized dress coats, girls getting hotter than the scorching heat of the sun and roam around late in merely jeans and tops. Although it’s yet to attain the flexibility from the parent’s section for allowing their children to stay out late, so most of them escape secretly?

Candle lit dinners, dancing in the rain, smoking or taking in Sheesha have all become part of night life in Lahore. Having freedom to adore the elements of life mustn’t be abhorred, right? Society has met a change, whether this change is drilled in through movies or not, people are at ease with accepting new ways of life. Parents, however, are creating hullabaloo on seeing dating spots at every nook and cranny as this does not belong to our culture.
Lahore remains the city of celebrations, hub of arts and culture, wide spreading message of love, staying up late during the Holy month of Ramadan and gulping down the scrumptious “Desi pakwan”, crawling on the streets and dancing in the rain. In the holy month of Ramadan the celebrations attain their peak, abiding faith sustains, group prayers and eating together are the attractions of life in Lahore. Famous slogan belongs to Lahore “Lahore, Lahore hay.”

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At September 19, 2012 at 3:33 PM, Blogger Kausar Bilal said...

A very impressive post depicted the true picture of Lahore until one can't resist saying, Lahore Lahore Hai...

At September 19, 2012 at 10:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

goodie good momo keep it up


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