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Shahi Paratha Roll

Personally speaking, Paratha always takes me back to my youth when mom used to make warm and crispy paratha that would melt in my mouth (mouthwatering, isn’t it)? Alas, and then I grew up.
I still indulge whenever I get a chance. Best thing is that paratha is now available everywhere and many people, especially the youth, love to eat.

Paratha is basic part of the Pakistani and Indian recipes since old times and it has remained continuously in use. Simply put, paratha is nothing else than the fried Roti. Paratha is known for it’s crispy, sweet taste and mouth watering look. Paratha has got special appeal for people from the Subcontinent. Paratha has evolved in many types over time.

Shahi Paratha Roll offers delectable paratha in Dubai (S 20, Greece-L 15, International City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates). Their tasty and convenient, parathas have quickly gained popularity all over.

Craving for one? Try Shahi Paratha Roll paratha’s and I grantee that your taste buds would dance with joy.


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