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Feel the deal at Katoti.Pk

Advent of computers and collaborative web technologies has changed the way we work and shop. In this attention age, everything starts at the Internet. Katoti.Pk – new discount coupon and discount voucher site (serving locally in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Peshawar) – is already redefining online saving and consumers’ convenience. Have a look and see what they are doing and how.

At Katoti.Pk, users will find very lucrative deals from flowers to motorbikes; new every day. What makes Katoti.Pk unique Internet experience is that it was designed and created to facilitate the local users. That is exactly what it does.

This is how it works:

Check Katoti.Pk blog, your email, Facebook or Twitter feeds for daily deals from cool local businesses. Katoti.Pk deals are more fun when used with family and friends. Pass along deals by email or broadcast them to your social networks. Print the voucher or bring it up on your handheld device, then present it at the business to get your deal. Simple!

There are new products all the time. Have a look at the display on home page. Print coupons you like and enjoy. Learn how it works on the site and also go through their interesting blog and it will help you make an informed decision.

Shopping is an old phenomenon but the ways to shop have changed with the advent of the Internet. Strength of the Internet is that we can see more, compare and even get huge Katoti (discount) while sitting in the comfort of home. Try it and feel the deal!


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Travel bloggers

From here


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Google Earth Travel

From desert artwork that covers 62 miles, to a family of elephants, to the Firefox logo, Google Earth gives armchair explorers exciting images galore.


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Hamara Karachi

Pakistani donkey carters participate in a race in Karachi. The race was held as part of the Hamara Karachi festival. AFP Photo/Rizwan Tabassum.


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Where is this heaven in Pakistan?

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Nagar Valley

This article also appeared at BootsnAll

Sometimes we know a journey will be a grand adventure. The three-week expedition this winter with my botanist friends, who were to carry out some fieldwork, to enchanted northern Pakistan was surprising. My friends were to work in the dispersal areas surrounding the Nagar Valley and I was content with stumbling into a wonderful experience of seeing a new valley I had only read about.
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Ras Malai


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Aitcheson College

This is the image of the building where Aitcheson College started in Lahore back in 1891. The building is still there and functional. Can you indicate where?

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