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Let's eat ‘rice masaala’

Owais Mughal

In my not-so-limited vocabulary, Pakistani food can be divided into two categories viz., Any-day-dishes and Many-day-dishes.

Any-day-dishes are those for which one prays to God to get any day e.g. nihari, qorma, biryani, haleem, halwa puri etc.
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City Without Love

Tell me about the city of Lahore…….
About those houses behind the city walls
Do they have many doors and windows?
Do they stand mortar and bricks strong?

And tell me about the wells of Lahore
Do they give out water fresh & sweet?
And please think before you answer me
Are the girls of Lahore happy and gay?

Yes, I’ll tell you about the city of Lahore
Its homes have multiple doors & windows
But only the dwellings where lovers reside
Are living and rest are just mortar & bricks

And yes wells of Lahore have sweet waters
But only when the beautiful maidens fetch
And happy are those in arms of their lovers
Rests are sad as a city without love can be

From Baba Bulleh Shah


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The Apricot Road to Yarkand

Is there anything more beguiling than a true tale of high adventure well told? Stories about places like Pakistan and China sides of Muztagh Pass, braving difficult odds under overwhelming conditions in far flung locales, relating to people of Pakistan and Chinese Turkistan who had been in the area centuries ago, can keep anyone glued to The Apricot Road to Yarkand by Salman Rashid.

The Apricot Road to Yarkand is a spellbinding tale of journey from Shigar Valley to Yarkand in the North, over the glaciated Mustagh Pass by Salman Rashid. The author is master of conveying what seems to be going on in his heads in gripping prose that is never clichéd.

First, a word about the author. Salman Salman is Pakistan's foremost travel writer. His passion for writing is matched by his passion for photography. His research, range of visual subjects and narratives make a remarkable combination. In addition to eight travel books, his work appears in leading English language journals. In The Apricot Road to Yarkand, Salman Rashid has also told how he switched his career in the army to become a full time researcher and a writer. (I keep thinking how Salman Rashid would have been in appreciating tactical situation on battle grounds if he was still in army?)
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Attock Khurd Railway Station

Owais Mughal

This photo is by Malik Ayaz and it shows Attock Khurd station. This small station with its Victorian architecture is arguably one of the most beautiful railway stations in Pakistan.

I know for a fact that many people visit this little station to appreciate its architecture as well as the nearby Attock Railway bridge on the Indus. The rectangular structure in this photo, behind the railway signals, is the fortified approach to Attock Railway bridge. In other parts of the world buildings like this become tourist attractions in themselves; in Pakistan they often get neglected and decay.

What do you think of this building? Do you have your own favorite railway station to suggest? Should we really not be doing more to preserve these grand structures strewn all over the country?

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Espresso – A sophisticated Dining Experience

Yumnah Fatima
Located at mm alam road, in the basement of Chez Casa, is a little Indie restaurant called Espresso. At first sight, it looks like your typical coffee place with even a mini book store at its entrance. But don’t let that fool you- Espresso is not just any coffee house, it’s a full on dining experience; having everything from soups and steaks to burgers, sandwiches and wings.

The one thing that distinguishes Espresso from all the other coffee shops/diners is perhaps the ambience of the place that has a cozy, homely feeling to it. The whole theme is brown and the back panel of the whole place is not a wall but a back-lit abstract display that helps light the place, still managing to keep the place dimly-lit. It’s the perfect place for a tet ‘a tet with your best friend.

The dishes that stand out from their menu are the sandwiches and burgers, if you want a light meal opt for their famous CLT Sandwich which is Chicken, Lettuce and Tomato in nice fresh baguette. The chicken is pretty spicy. Or if you want to go all out, try their starter platter that has everything-Potato Skins, Chicken Strips, Mozzarella Sticks and Buffalo wings. The best part is that they are served with an array of sauce options to choose from including Sour Cream, Cheese Dip and Hot Sauce. Espresso also has perfected the Alfredo pasta dish, serving it with their delicious Garlic Bread which is hands down, better than any other restaurant. The desserts at Espresso are also a must try! A Hot and Tasty option is their chocolate peanut butter cakes that will tantalize all your culinary senses.
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Pakistan’s Golden Thrones

Tommy Heinrich, a photographer for the National Geographic Magazine and a mountaineer from Argentina, launched his book of photographs from mountains of Pakistan on Saturday at the Governor’s House.

The book titled Pakistan’s Golden Thrones is a joint effort by the Argentinean Embassy, Bago Laboratories, Argentina and Ferozsons Laboratories Limited, Pakistan.Ferozsons CEO Osman Khalid Waleed also spoke on the occasion while Argentinean Ambassador to Pakistan Rodolfo Martin Saravia and Punjab Governor Latif Khosa also addressed the function.All of them endorsed the collaboration between the two countries for this cultural experience and to show the beauty of Pakistan’s natural landscapes.
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When in Pakistan, eat like Pakistanis

Jalal Hameed Bhatti

A day starts with a breakfast everywhere in the world. Even doctors advise to have a hearty and kingly breakfast after a night fasting. And that is what most people do – have a healthy, plateful of breakfast no matter what it is as it provides just the right kind of kick off to get busy with one’s work.

What do people like around the world? Well I looked around and found one thing most common – eggs. Perhaps one of the most lovable “whole meal” the Heaven ever created is this small shelled white thing containing the white and yellow. And this is one good reason for the artists to combine these two colours in their paintings to give a soothing, yet absorbing effect in their artwork.

Like all others, egg is also a favourite choice in Pakistan. It generally is taken in fried or omelets form. Though in winters, people prefer to eat boiled eggs in the cold chilly evenings when outside in the open.
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