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Mountain might

For the soft adventurers, the prospect of climbing, rock repelling and trekking in mountainous terrain of Northern Pakistan can thrilling as well as daunting. Compared to a backpacking in and around Murree or bush walking in Cholistan, exploring high hills in northern Pakistan is an altogether different experience. Rather than jumping into the wilderness to get away from it all, you walk into thinly populated countryside free from roads and modern day civic amenities.

Mountain villages are caught in a time warp, their terraced fields stacked up huge hillsides. The paths are timeless caravan routes, trails between villages or tracks to high grazing pastures. It is an incredibly beautiful natural world. Only higher up in the alpine valleys are the villages left behind, to be replaced by herder's hutsand higher still, the ice castles of the lofty mountains.

Now consider this; on every side rise up ten of the world's thirty highest peaks. As graphic in names they are foreboding in majesty, the Himalaya translate as "The Abode of the Snows", The Karakoram, the "Black gravel Mountains", and the Hindu Kush, "The Slayer of Indians", the Pamir Knot and the Kun Lun joining in at what is called the Roof of the World. Where these six ranges merge in is a wide swathe. This area is the most impressive mountain landscape in the world. Amidst towering snow-clad peaks with heights varying from 1,000 meters to 8, 000 meters, the regions of Gilgit, Hunza and Baltistan recall Shangri-La and Tirich Mir or Broghal in district Chitral. Among these magnificent peaks one finds the largest glaciers outside the Polar Regions. Which is why the Northern Areas are is mountaineers' paradise?
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Introducing Katoti.Pk

Shopping is a fun for some (women mostly) and a laborious and tedious work for some (men). Generally speaking, ladies does the family shopping and they call themselves shopping expert (baho tao and getting katoti) and takes pride in whatever discount gets. They might have spent thousands in their shopping sprees without any botheration and will not talk about that. But they will keep on and on about whatever discount they had been able to get.

With growing Internet users’ base, trend to consumer shopping online is increasing exponentially. Millions of consumers across the world are using coupons for shopping as a source of source of savings and convenience. The online coupons culture is also fast growing fast in Pakistan. In order to facilitate online shoppers Katoti.Pk - a newly launched online discount coupons web site - is playing an important role bringing the online shopping phenomenon to locals in Islamabad, Peshawar, Karachi and Lahore. This discount vouchers site with great deals from many stores has become the first places to start while looking for great deals. While exploring I found some wonderful things that are already on my wish lists, particularly I loved that Rs 39500 for Rs 45000 Worth of Buy new Treet Motorbike - Select your choice of Motorcycle from TREET 70cc, Treet Big 70cc, Treet 70 self start, Treet 100cc dulex offer. I need that. Have a look.

Aptly named I neatly laid, easy to navigate and users' friendly. Online users can fine the coupons easily. Listings are alphabetical and categories wise. A search function is implemented so you can find what you need. Also on the home page, there are featured coupons and deals. Explore the site and see what they are offering and how. Better still indulge in discount shopping with online coupon codes.


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Think with Doodh Patti Mind

It happened at Lahore School and it's all about Doodh Patti at Think with Lipton Mind and My Teaness


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Singapore Nihari

Owais Mughal

I asked the Northerly winds, I asked a university professor, I asked several taxi drivers and I asked my friend Abbas: Where can I fulfill my wish of eating good ‘nihari’ in Singapore?

By Usman they all meant Usman restaurant. When I asked for its specific location between the East and the West, I was told that to get there I will need to take an epic journey of several ‘kos‘ (an old Indian unit of distance equal to 3.6 km) and reach a place called Kampong Glam. There I should look for a noorani buzurg – or actually any buzurg (old wise man) will do. Ask him about a road called Basra Street (spelled as Bussorah in Singapore). After I reach Basra street, I should look for a place which belongs to Usman and is therefore called Usman’s Place. That is where my wish will come true. So I took all these steps. The epic journey of several kos got traversed in few minutes in moderan day transport and road signs were very visible which made the utility of old wise men telling directions to all those who were not lost to begin with quite redundant.
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Feel the deal at Katoti.Pk

Advent of computers and collaborative web technologies has changed the way we work and shop. In this attention age, everything starts at the Internet. Katoti.Pk – new discount coupon and discount voucher site (serving locally in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Peshawar) – is already redefining online saving and consumers’ convenience. Have a look and see what they are doing and how.

At Katoti.Pk, users will find very lucrative deals from flowers to motorbikes; new every day. What makes Katoti.Pk unique Internet experience is that it was designed and created to facilitate the local users. That is exactly what it does.

This is how it works:

Check Katoti.Pk blog, your email, Facebook or Twitter feeds for daily deals from cool local businesses. Katoti.Pk deals are more fun when used with family and friends. Pass along deals by email or broadcast them to your social networks. Print the voucher or bring it up on your handheld device, then present it at the business to get your deal. Simple!

There are new products all the time. Have a look at the display on home page. Print coupons you like and enjoy. Learn how it works on the site and also go through their interesting blog and it will help you make an informed decision.

Shopping is an old phenomenon but the ways to shop have changed with the advent of the Internet. Strength of the Internet is that we can see more, compare and even get huge Katoti (discount) while sitting in the comfort of home. Try it and feel the deal!


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